Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur and Author
Thank you for your love and support!
P.O. Box 740214   Dallas, TX 75374
"Those who support me while I start from the bottom up will have the same or
greater support from me in return when I’m in the position to give back”
– Jean Rivera
August 7, 2018
P.O. Box 740214   Dallas, TX 75374

Richardson Mercantile Antique Mall
101 S. Coit Rd., Suite 50
Richardson, TX 75080

$800 will pay for the 1st month + deposit,
that will get my
foot in the door and start me off for the first month.

$2,400 will pay for the 6-month lease in full. If paid in full,
that will give me the time focus on designing or making
something new to sell as I build my inventory.
A Place to Sell my
Art & Fashion, Home Decor & More...
10' x 10' Space with a 6 Month Lease at Richardson Mercantile