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Art & Fashion Made or Designed by Jean Rivera
A Unique Collection of Printed Art, Fashion and Home Decor is in the making!
Masterpieces Collection
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P.O. Box 740214   Dallas, TX 75374
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Masterpieces Collection
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Beyond Expressions
Art, Books & Authors, Charities, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Home Decor, Music & More
Cowboy Hats, T-shirts, Mugs, Candles, Furniture, Home Decor and other products I like to buy and sell
Props, Hand Painted Jackets, Drawings, Paintings, Hand Painted Furniture, Computer Art, Handbags & More
Email:  |  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 740214 . Dallas, TX 75374
@ Richardson Mercantile
101 S Coit Rd #50. Richardson, TX 75080
Dealer 0420 | Suite 1005
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Barbie | Harley Davidson | Bob Mackie
" Over 50 Barbie Dolls! "
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35% OFF all Barbies purchased at Richardson Mercantile
101 S Coit Rd. Ste 50. Richardson, TX 75080
Jean Rivera | Dealer 0420 | Suite 1005
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