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Exclusive Members
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Selected Customers and Clients Only
Please Read All Before You Join!

Exclusive Members of Masterpieces Collection and Jean Rivera (hereafter Members)
will be the first to see what’s new in the Masterpieces Collection as well as Jean Rivera’s
original art (old and new), furniture and high-end merchandise designed and/or made
by her before it’s available to selected retail stores and the general public.

All Members will have a private web page that is user name and password protected
created specifically for them to view merchandise they select and read updates. All
Members will have access to the MCJR Exclusive Members home page where they can
view and reserve merchandise to buy.

It’s Private! It’s Confidential! It’s For Our Eyes Only!

“It’s okay to tell others I’ll have new merchandise coming soon, what the merchandise is
and that I offer discounts and gifts to MCJR Exclusive Members, but it’s not okay to share
any details about new merchandise, retail prices, the price you paid and how much your
discount is. Although all Members will see the same merchandise, discounts and gifts for
each Member may vary”  
– Jean Rivera

Terms, Conditions and FAQ’s
If you have a user name and password, click on the link below to read the following:

1. Confidential Agreement
2. The Circle of Trust
3. Who are MCJR Exclusive Members?
Highly Valued, Trusted, Loyal Customers and Clients Selected by Jean Rivera.
MCJR Exclusive Members will always come first.
4. Are there any membership fees?
5. MCJR Exclusive Member Benefits
6. Membership Cancellation
7. Merchandise with BUY NOW buttons
8. How long will it take to receive merchandise I purchased?
9. Do I have to buy merchandise to be an Exclusive Member of MCJR?
10. How will I be notified when new merchandise is published on my page?
11. How much time do I have to view what’s new and reserve merchandise?
12. Does it cost anything to reserve merchandise?
13. How do I reserve merchandise and long are reservations good for?
14. Pre-orders and merchandise marked PENDING
15. How do I get on the waiting list?
16. Can I still buy merchandise marked Not Available?
17. Ways to pay
18. Shipping and Receiving
19. Returns and Refunds
20. Copyrights, All Rights Reserved and Legal Action

Click here to read Terms, Conditions and FAQ’s
(Must have a user name and password to read)
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